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Be safe, be safe, be safe, be saaaafe

Tried to be AN HERO last summer, failed at that. Common theme there, failure. Trying to be an optimist just doesn't work. Nobody reads this shit, I don't care, I retired from Facebook. Hate that fucking facebook, HATE it. Nothing but people showing drunken pictures, how they're in "love" (they'll learn, just like I did-it doesn't exist), trying to be political when they have no clue. Loneliness is consuming my life. Hard to meet people when I'm not an alcoholic. Can't be sober and meet people, that's the rule. Nobody will hire me, if you haven't worked in a few years employers will not give you a chance in hell. So 2 years and nothing changes, and I've been trying so that's not it. Maybe I'm doomed, because I am godless and a pessimist, who sees things and people for what they are. This year has to be better, otherwise I could still be AN HERO if I try hard! 😱
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