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if i don't feel better after tuesday, im going to the hospital.

 Recent research has revealed that emotional trauma can result from such common occurrences as an auto accident, or the breakup of a significant relationship.

Traumatizing events can take a serious emotional toll on those involved, even if the event did not cause physical damage.

 Regardless of its source, an emotional trauma contains three common elements:
• it was unexpected;
• the person was unprepared; and
• there was nothing the person could do to prevent it from happening.

 Symptoms of emotional trauma:
 • Eating disturbances (more or less than usual)
Sleep disturbances (more or less than usual)
• Sexual dysfunction
Low energy
• Chronic, unexplained pain
Depression, spontaneous crying, despair and hopelessness
Panic attacks
• Fearfulness
• Compulsive and obsessive behaviors
• Feeling out of control
• Irritability, angry and resentment
Emotional numbness
Withdrawal from normal routine and relationships
obsessions with death

It is not the event that determines whether something is traumatic to someone, but the individual's experience of the event.

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