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all these people drinking lovers spit, they sit around and clean their face with it

I went to the doctor today, might as well take advantage of obamacare. now i have paxil and xanax.. Let's see what happens? no? I wish I could speak french, oui oui? I just read this in the news section on google, "White kids are a shrinking part of the national population," NOW IM SCARED

my gut knots up, my heart bursts like,
a pinata pop, this has gotta stop, watch the water drop from clouds
it sure rains a lot.
And I've felt how, a heart melts down
I'm so burnt out; I'm a shell now
It's the worst of lows, it's the first to go
it's the last to come back when the sun melts the snow
What i'm giving, you is taking, lots of lying, and some faking
Have i gone too far? Am i too far gone? I've been up all night, and fight to keep out the dawn.
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